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Harsh Steel

90-10 Cupro Nickel Pipes and Tubes

We export and supply excellent quality 90-10 Cupro Nickel Pipes and Tubes made using high-grade cupronickel. We offer Cupro Nickel C70600 pipes, also known as copper nickel 90/10 pipes. Also, we make available Copper nickel 90/10 tube and 90/10 Cupro nickel tube. 90/10 Copper nickel tube (Cupro nickel 90/10 pipe and tube) is a 90% copper 10% nickel alloy, used in valve components, flanges components, piping components, tubing components and various marine applications. 90-10 Cupro Nickel Pipes and Tubes are also known as C70600, CN 102, CuNi10Mn1Fe, Kunifer10 & CW352H in European and American markets. These are mostly used in naval, defense and marine applications. We export and supply 90-10 Cupro Nickel Pipes and Tubes in Middle East, Europe, gulf, and Africa.

Copper nickel C71500 pipe sizes available in : 3mm O.D to 75mm O.D. with wall thickness of 0.5 mm to 20 mm

  • Cupro nickel C70600 Evaporator Tubing
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Condenser Tubes
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Leak Detector Tube
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Oil Well Pump Liner
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Ferrules
  • Cupro nickel C70600 instrumentation fittings
  • Cupro nickel C70600 fasteners
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Seawater Pipe work
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Offshore Fire Water Systems
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Brake Pipe
  • Cupro nickel C70600 Cryogenic Tube

  • ASTM B 111 C70600
  • ASME SB 111 C70600
  • BS 2871 Part 3 CN102
  • EN 12451 CuNi10Fe1Mn
  • NFA51 102 CuNi10Fe1Mn
  • JIS H 3300 C7060