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Tantalum Products

Ours is a well-established firm involved in the exporting and supplying of Tantalum Products. Our range includes Tantalum Rods and Tantalum Sheets. Made from high-grade tantalum, our Tantalum Products are appreciated for their good thermal conductivity, optimum strength, durability and high corrosion resistance. Our Tantalum Products are widely used in the manufacturing of heating elements, vacuum tubes and other high temperature parts along with electronic components. We make available bulk quantities of Tantalum Products at the most affordable rates.

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Physical Properties

Density   lb/in3 0.6
gm/cm3 16.6
Melting Point   °F 5425
°C 2996
Thermal Conductivity Cal/cm2/cm°C/sec 0.13
Specific Heat Cal/gm/°C 0.04
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion   micro-in/°F x 10-6 6.5
micro-in/°C x 10-6 3.6
Electrical Resistivity micro-ohm-cm 12.4  

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength     KSI (Mpa)-RT 250 (1725)
KSI (Mpa)-500°C 150 (1035)
KSI (Mpa)-1000°C 75 (515)
Elongation % in 1.0". --
Hardness DPH 300
Modules of Elasticity   KSI 58000

Tantalum Rods
Ours is the trusted destination to obtain durable Tantalum Rods. We source these Tantalum Rods only from the reliable manufacturers and vendors after stringent checking on numerous quality parameters. Our Tantalum Rods are widely used in various high temperature applications owing to their excellent thermal conductivity. We offer Tantalum

Tantalum Sheets
Tantalum Sheets that we export and supply are widely used in capacitors, surgical implants and instruments and ink jet nozzles. We procure these Tantalum Sheets from the most reliable manufacturers or vendors. These Tantalum Sheets are known for their excellent thermal conductivity owing to which these are used in the manufacturing of